soo.... inspiring party

salam and hi,

recently i received few comments/feedbacks from my facebook page.. Thepartykru

one precious customer, miss celine lim yg katanya confused dgn content of this blog hihi..

sorry celine. i used to give this bloglink to my fb's follower..

being a rojak blog, i used to give tips or diy projects or sell anything that impress me not my wallet or anything that simply crossed my mind.. here..

maybe i just followed my sifu's blog karaspartyideas or giver's log (look down at my sidebar).. giving photos, diys, etc...

but i am really sorry for any inconvenience..

i enjoy the attention and comments thank u very much..

i have lotsa photos in the queue, but very lil time due to hari raya, last minute shopping and what not..

but these photos simply catched my eyes.. and my heart..

inspired..... (nak tiru heheh where got money mehhh)

think i have to be a lot more pro planner while writing here..

hmm.. but that's so not me................ T__T

i am just that rojak people hihi

ok see ya later..

i ve done my kids party printing.. and organize my sewing kit in jars.. love..

gonna upload soon..


p/s: all pics taken from karaspartyideas. open the web and u will cry.. why on earth those people are so creative..


  1. love to see the sewing kit jar that u've made.

  2. Wow i love the design of the party!! very creative!